CNA to LPN Programs – Descriptions of LPN Courses

CNA to LPN programs includes information about LPN course after completion of CNA. CNA and LPN both are works under the supervision of Registered Nurse(RN). But LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is given greater responsibilities and higher salaries than CNA. LPN also called as LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) in California and Texas makes steps between CNA and RN. LPNs have a lot of responsibilities and the skills required to become a LPN also more than a CNA. The duties of CNA is to assist patients in day to day activities such as getting dressed, eating, bathing, walking etc. whereas LPN assist physician or RN work directly to patients. They record patient’s health history, give patients medicine, clean medical equipments, and give education to patients and their family to deal health problems at home.

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The responsibilities of LPN and task are listed as;

Sterilizing procedures,
Geriatric care,
Glucose testing,
Monitoring IV’s,
Giving injections,
Assessing for abnormal heart sounds.
The average salary of LPN is $40,000 which is $13000 more than CNA’s who are only earning $27,000 per year in average.

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The training/education can vary from one state to another. The state of California requires experience of 51 months in acute hospitals. Clinical specialty must require certain practical hour in pediatric, genitourinary or maternity, pharmacology and additional hours in one of these specialty area. Most LPN/LVN programs are available in community and vocational colleges as well as online courses. The minimum duration of programs is about two years long. They also required passing NCLEX-PN examination before working in hospital setting.

There are many LPN online degrees to transition from CNA to LPN, including nursing concept, anatomy, and communication. These classes are offered as part of practical nursing programs. CNA to LPN online bridge course aren’t specifically available. There are few courses that require applicants to be CNAs prior to admission. If you are a new in medical field you can choose CNA before LPN. you can find accredited CNA courses in some community colleges, vocational schools online CNA training courses and free CNA classes. These programs allow students to work in the day and take online course in the night or in spare time. But some course work and practical classes must to complete in colleges.

The most important requirement for LPN program is experienced as CNA. Interested students must pass entrance examination, drug test and background check successfully. After completion of LPN programs you must have to sit in NCLEX-PN examination to get license from the Board of State.

LPN will work in hospitals, nursing home, clinics. They may be responsible for a specific number of patients or an entire ward. Their responsibilities also include timely medication distribution to patients. In some medical institutions LPN can advance to become charge nurse who observe the work of LPNs and CNAs. LPN can choose to become Registered Nurse through LPN – RN training programs.

Nursing is a rewarding and well paying career. A little research and preparation on your side will lead you into the way of medical profession. The LPN also known as LVN is a medical professional who is qualified to take beside care of old, sick, injured, terminally ill and disabled patients.

This CNA to LPN course provide the information about how LPN course will be obtain after CNA. This information includes coursework, duties of LPN, bridge course, work possibilities etc.