CNA Programs in Philadelphia – A Complete Destination for Nursing Career

There is CNA programs in Philadelphia that offers to prepare students become Certified Nursing Assistant. Many CNA programs are available in community colleges and health organization as well as online CNA program.

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Students must be educated, trained and certified in nursing coursework to become a CNA. Nursing assistant helps RN (Registered Nurse) with the care of patients and performing scheduled duties that assist them with recovery and daily care. They work inside the various medical fields such as hospitals, nursing home, care facilities, outpatients’ clinics.

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All state is required to regulate and approve the CNA training and certification program. Pennsylvania approves many Philadelphia CNA programs in and around the city. To work in Philadelphia as a legal CNA you must have to fulfill the following requirements;

  • Complete the accredited program approved by the state
  • Pass the state administered certification examination
  • You must be age of 16 years at the time of competency examination
  • Undergo a criminal and background history overview

Students, who have successfully, pass the at least one year of learning in accredited nursing program and have been certified as a Nurse Aide in another state can apply for the state certification in Pennsylvania.

The approved Philadelphia CNA course consists both of classroom instruction as well as clinical practical lessons in long term facilities. In classroom students learn skills such as;

  • Patient care
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Infection control
  • Safety techniques
  • Nutrition
  • Vital signs
  • Medical terminology
  • Human anatomy

In clinical courses, students practice those skills with real patients in approved facilities. The program prepares students for the state certification (competency) examination as well as for the future CNA jobs in Philadelphia.

The CNA programs in Philadelphia is available through, Red Cross, Community colleges. These organizations offer the training programs which are approved by the health care administrator. To enroll in Philadelphia CNA programs you must have high school diploma or GED (Graduate Equivalent Degree). Each institution has their own criteria for admitting the students in their CNA programs.

Many CNA programs in Philadelphia can be completed in 6 – 12 weeks. Students required to complete at least 50 – 70 hours practical based clinical classes before they can take their certification exam. This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to the CNA in disease prevention, general safety, and general patient care. CNA are required to continuing their education and training throughout their career.

The average salary of CNA in Philadelphia is about $27,000. According to the US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) the job demand of CNA in Philadelphia is high as the nation’s population ages. Investment is nursing career is a smart choice for the future.  The job opportunities are available in health care facilities such as nursing home, hospitals, medical center, and clinics for the CNA in Philadelphia.

If you have completed your CNA in another state such as (CNA Programs in Michigan, CNA Programs in San Diego, CNA Programs in Los Angeles) you can apply license transfer application to work legally in Philadelphia.